Who is Kemal Ataturk?

The phrase: "Who is Kemal Ataturk?"

[taken out of context, for he was just saying that
people outside of Turkey might not know who Ataturk is]
is what just got a Turkish family friend of mine a
15-month prison sentence for insulting "Turkishness".

Ataturk is hailed as the hero (and founder) of
secular Turkey, and one cannot say anything against him.
This is just one example of repression of
free speech by governments in the world.

My grandfather was in prison for over a year
during the cultural revolution for making a comment
about Mao's wife. It wasn't even an insulting comment.

Realize how important free speech is;
ALWAYS fight for your right to it!

If you want to read the story of my friend Dr. Yayla
click here.

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