elevator music.

People have mentioned to me before that their level
of effort in classes depends greatly upon their teachers
and whether or not they were inspired by them.
I had never really thought this to be the case with me,
but I am starting to realise how incredibly it actually is.

Last term I had two wonderful engaging lecturers
and I absolutely loved attending their sessions and
doing the work for their courses. The professor for
my third course was quite dull but not entirely miserable,
and I discovered that I was doing only the bare minimum
(in my standards anyway) for his class. Luckily I had
taken the subject previously so I managed to do well
without spending much effort.

Also, one of the professors I enjoyed was actually not
even that great at teaching, but his passion and liveliness
were enough to inspire me to study on my own. So though
I may not have actually learned all that much from his
lectures themselves, I still learned a great deal more
just because his attitude made me appreciate the subject.

This term I have the more incredibly dull professor.
Her lectures are like elevator music in that it goes on in
a unexciting monotone that no matter how much focus
is paid to her nothing she says is memorable in the slightest.
Not only that, but she does not add a single thing
to her powerpoint presentations, and thus her lectures
are entirely not worth attending.

This provides quite a dilemma for me because I
am accustomed to attending all my lectures and tutorials,
but for once I truly think that either sleeping through
those two hours or spending that time just reading the
textbook would be vastly more beneficial.
Ah, what to do, what to do?