Who is Kemal Ataturk?

The phrase: "Who is Kemal Ataturk?"

[taken out of context, for he was just saying that
people outside of Turkey might not know who Ataturk is]
is what just got a Turkish family friend of mine a
15-month prison sentence for insulting "Turkishness".

Ataturk is hailed as the hero (and founder) of
secular Turkey, and one cannot say anything against him.
This is just one example of repression of
free speech by governments in the world.

My grandfather was in prison for over a year
during the cultural revolution for making a comment
about Mao's wife. It wasn't even an insulting comment.

Realize how important free speech is;
ALWAYS fight for your right to it!

If you want to read the story of my friend Dr. Yayla
click here.


be ye angels? nay we are but men.

today i realized just how modest i am with my clothing at whatnot.

when changing for variety show today,
guys were walking by while the door was
open to our dressing room. we were all
in our underwear and whatever and I frantically
attempted to cover myself. then i noticed
that the girls around me weren't bothered at all.

then it came to me that i'm really modest with my
body. it's funny because when i was younger
my mom would try to get me to wear halters
and short tops, and I refused because i thought
they were too revealing. I really wonder how
I came out like this. I don't really mind, because
there are enough girls who wear ridiculously
skimpy clothes to make up for me. but still, it
makes me wonder why. and am i overly so?


walk idiot walk.

there was an idiot on NPR today. He
labelled himself as a "Libertarian Republican 
like Alan Greenspan". It was absolutely apalling. 
He talked about why he is voting for McCain.
He is voting for him solely because he
thinks that McCain is the only one
"electable". He paid no attention to
ideas in the slightest. Why the hell did
he have to include the word Libertarian
in his introduction? People are ridiculous
sometimes. -___-


this farm will end up in fire.

i just found a belgian band named:
"girls in hawaii"
this made me laugh :)
their music is pretty-laid back.
like hawaiian people. hah.

anyway, watch the video:

zimba zimba zaia

if you are going to Punahou Carnival
this year, I recommend going to
Variety Show solely for scene three!
I'm not even in that one, it's just that
good. It is absolutely hilarious :)


power persuing persons.

Those who govern me have been
even more disappointing than usual

Governor Lingle said that she wants
the state to buy Turtle Bay to prevent
more from being built there. In other
words, she doesn't want to provide
more jobs for locals and boost the
economy in Hawaii through the tourist

President Bush is offering more arms
to Saudi Arabia as an incentive for
them to cooperate with America in
whichever way he wills them to.


we shall cause a sensation, for I shall dress to match.

today was the first day of the semester,
and i am already afraid for the rest of
the year :(

every class talked about getting down
to business in studying for AP exams!
I suppose it is about time.

It has only been one day and I am already
overwhelmed with work, and have not
followed through with my second semester
resolutions! how pathetic.

ps. today fred thompson dropped out
of the presidential race and heath ledger died.
good news and bad news.
I would have never expected such an
ending to such a wonderful actor's life!


her lips are devil red and her skin's the color mocha.

after finals, lisa, sasha and i shopped for deborah's
birthday present. we ended up buying her a (prom?)
outfit. black dress complete with red heels, red lipstick,
and red nail polish. it is gorgeous. as you can see above.
so happy :)

[today i spent the entire day at school for variety show >_<]


hey! you're awesome. have a great night! (shaka)

city love + junk food + 4 hours of sleep = lock-in


hush hush eye to eye.

today my father taught me how to shoot :)

it was fantastic! I was shaking at first.
I'm really glad that I know how to shoot now.

today i also made a resolution to take
better advantage of my beautiful surroundings :)


i will fail yet i will try.

don't see it. >_<

olivia the band:
definitely see them!

it was the first time i had really moshed in quite a long time.
and i was so happy. it was amazing :)

arkeo definitely should have played rhythm of the burning lights though!
they are also another band you should hear.


that's plagiarism.

"There is nothing a free man is so
anxious to do as to find something to
worship." --Fyodor Dostoevsky

I have FINALLY finished the Brothers
. It was fantastic.
I recommend it to everyone!
The Grand Inquisitor will change your


it's electric

I feel utterly elated as of 2:30 today!
My last highschool finals everrr! :)

The math test wasn't all that bad,
and then after that I was free as a bird!
After variety show practice and a
piano lesson of course.

Then I went shopping with Sasha
and Lisa for Debbie's birthday
present. I'm excited, for it is PERFECT!
I also bought a few things for myself.
I didn't want to, but they were on sale,
and I'm in a good mood :)
Bright yellow shoes and a beautiful
white cardigan.

I'm delighted!

Oh, and if you aren't doing anything tomorrow
then come to the movie museum at 8
with me!



space boy please come home

Today I have been making an attempt
to study for my French final, but that
is entirely impossible considering that
M. Canfield was extremely vague in
his description of the test and not
informative in the slightest.
Oh and there is also the fact that we
haven't learned a thing this year.
My French was definitely better last year.

This evening was the libertarian party
executive committee meeting.
there was a guy from the democratic
party that wanted us to start a lawsuit for
him there. I didn't care all that much for him.
I'm not sure if we will comply.


brevity is the soul of wit.

I finally have submitted to caffeine.
I had always avoided it for I don't relish
the idea of fooling my body into thinking
that I am awake.

In any case, I had no choice last night
because I had to work on an essay for the
Intercollegiate Studies Institution competition.
I was up until 5 am writing about George
Washington and the role of commander-in-chief.
I had to wake up again at 8 am after only
a short nap's worth of sleep to go over it again
before submitting it before noon.
Boy, was I in a daze.

I really want to win this competition,
it would prove to myself that I am capable
of writing research essays and it would earn
me $1000 for college. I would definitely
prefer £1000 however. Hah.

I just bought a shirt from my cousins' brand
Apolis, and you should too! Go to their site:

ceci n'est pas une pipe.


Best shirt ever.