brevity is the soul of wit.

I finally have submitted to caffeine.
I had always avoided it for I don't relish
the idea of fooling my body into thinking
that I am awake.

In any case, I had no choice last night
because I had to work on an essay for the
Intercollegiate Studies Institution competition.
I was up until 5 am writing about George
Washington and the role of commander-in-chief.
I had to wake up again at 8 am after only
a short nap's worth of sleep to go over it again
before submitting it before noon.
Boy, was I in a daze.

I really want to win this competition,
it would prove to myself that I am capable
of writing research essays and it would earn
me $1000 for college. I would definitely
prefer £1000 however. Hah.

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