be ye angels? nay we are but men.

today i realized just how modest i am with my clothing at whatnot.

when changing for variety show today,
guys were walking by while the door was
open to our dressing room. we were all
in our underwear and whatever and I frantically
attempted to cover myself. then i noticed
that the girls around me weren't bothered at all.

then it came to me that i'm really modest with my
body. it's funny because when i was younger
my mom would try to get me to wear halters
and short tops, and I refused because i thought
they were too revealing. I really wonder how
I came out like this. I don't really mind, because
there are enough girls who wear ridiculously
skimpy clothes to make up for me. but still, it
makes me wonder why. and am i overly so?

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