This is a stick up!

In these days of spending cuts, there are many cries from
the public sector that 'the banks and tax avoiders in the
private sector are responsible for this, so it isn't fair
that the public sector should be paying for it.'

However, where were these people during the times of expansion?
Why didn't we hear them protesting then saying 'Well, the
private sector is responsible for this growth, so it isn't
fair that it's being spent on the public sector!'

UK Uncut believes that levying higher taxes on banks and
reigning in tax avoiders would be sufficient to forgo having
cuts, not even thinking about how silly it is to attack
those who create wealth. Nonetheless, this was the cause
of the 'few' violent protesters the other day, who attacked
businesses in London.

To me, being upset with tax avoiding firms is as if a group
of muggers were to scold their victims for trying to run away.
As a warning, the scarier the muggers and the UK tax system get,
the more precautions victims will take to stay in safer parts
of the world.

If you also believe that debt is a serious issue, and that it
shouldn't be tackled by strangling firms, be sure to make it
to the Rally Against Debt on May 14th.

Also, make sure to read UK Uncut Unravelled by Tim Worstall
published by the IEA, which talks about the cause to attack tax avoiders.