Yet another marvellous week has just passed
in a liberty english camp in Lithuania. This one
was titled: Casey Youth Conference on Liberty
and Entrepreneurship (CYCLE) [check it out at:

It was very exciting for me this time, because
though I had been a teacher in previous camps;
the teaching had always been done in small group sessions.
This time however, I had my first opportunity
to give a large group lecture for over 50 people!
I was nervous, but I think it went well, and I was
very happy about it. My talk was on the different
classifications of goods and services (rivalrous
and excludable), and particularly public goods.
I gave examples of public goods that people
generally assume must be provided by the government,
and how they are morally and practically provided in
better ways by the market. Roads were one example.
Then I encouraged them to always consider how
the market should be the solution; entrepreneurs
are incredibly creative and with the incentive
of profit serve consumers best. Thus, such principles
should be applied to even the toughest of issues where people
automatically think that the government must be involved.

The talent show was even more magnificent
than those last year, which I thought would be
near impossible to beat. One tradition that carried
on was that of the "laughing contest" which was absolutely hilarious:

Finally, the group picture looks just about the
same as last year (same colours and all)
but I am including it anyway:

Overall it was marvellously fun stuff.
There was a greater emphasis put on entrepreneurship,
with some real live extremely successful investors
to inspire us. My head is filled with business plans
and the intentions to 1) discover opportunities
and 2) execute! Hopefully the inspiration lasts.
Oh, and I even bought a 1/2 oz. of gold from Lobo.
It was all definitely a great experience, but one that
was very different from the extreme intellectual and
philosophical stimulation that took place during previous camps.
And, I still might have to concede that nothing could beat last year's camp...

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