Dear communists,

According to Marx, communism is achieved
after first having feudalism (thesis) then capitalism (antithesis).
Capitalism will eventually collapse and socialism will occur (synthesis).

In this case, in order to gain a natural socialist system
you should encourage capitalism to its fullest extent. This will
advance the progress towards its collapse and bring about socialism.

If capitalism were allowed to function freely, and it capitulated
as an unsustainable system; then sure, I'd be down to try socialism.
As for now however, let capitalism happen without interference, give it a chance.
Trust me, according to Marx it's all a part of the recipe for a lovely socialist society.

Love, Kenli


Anonymous said...

Ha! Crazy Karl. He makes me laugh. And if I didn't know any better I'd say he was funny enough to be the sixth Marx brother!

Do you seriously want Communism to be achieved?

kennnnnli said...

Hahha, no I definitely do not want communism, I want capitalism.
Marx thought that capitalism would occur, fail, and be replaced by a socialist society.
Since I don't think that capitalism will fail, I am urging socialists to try a free capitalist society, which I think will make the world a better place.
Then if it were to fail, which I doubt, at least it would have been attempted.

The capitalist system we have today is semi-socialist with a great deal of government regulation, meaning it isn't even truly capitalistic.
This prevents the capitalist system from showing what its true potential is for advancing the lives of people.

Does that make sense? ^___^

krzychun said...

Socialists are really funny people. According to Rothbard - "William Godwin thought that, once private property was
abolished, man would become immortal.

Marxist theory of labor division is so idealistic - "communism will the end of alienation"

Nice blog, btw. I was taking part in prof. Scholland's lecture in Sosnowiec (Poland). It was wery didactic:>


Anonymous said...

That absolutely makes sense Kenli.
I think our current system is the best/closest to what you hope for. I reckon, if there ever were a free capitalist society, it may work, but would eventually fail.

I'm just glad you weren't hoping for Communism. Otherwise, I think I'd disown you.
In fact, I KNOW I would.

kennnnnli said...

Alec: what I'm saying that I think that this capitalist system should be more free and that I don't think it would fail if it were to be so.

Krzychun: That's great that you heard my father's lecture. What did you think of it? Yes, the marxist view of economics is really strange. It's as if he just misunderstood what Adam Smith wrote. Silly silly :)

krzychun said...

Lecture was great, of course. The majority of polish economist are Keynesians. Sad but true:> Therefore, opportunity of taking part in lecture of economist inspired by people like Mises or Rothbard is like reading about John Galt and Dagny Taggart:> I was talking with Your Dad about H. Hazlitt - common student of economics doesn't know who is that:>