summer summary

Well today I googled my name, which inspired me to keep up my blog.
I know it is a rather strange relation, but it's the truth and I shan't elaborate further.

Right now I am in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I am being introduced to autumn.
The weather is getting drearier these days, but nothing I can't handle :)
When I first got here to Lithuania I was teaching in a Language of Liberty camp
which was marvelous fun. The majority of the students there were from
Belarus however, so that didn't really enable me to make friends for here.

Then I went to Tallinn, Estonia for a few days, which was marvelous.
Our friends took us around on a express tour around the area. It is a really beautiful place.

After that we were off to Bakuriani, Georgia, which we were a bit hesitant about (as you
can see from my previous post) Luckily our fears weren't realised while we were
there, and we had an absolutely fantastic time. The camp there was also brilliant.
At this camp, there were barely any liberals to begin with, unlike the at the Lithuanian
one, but by the end many had become so. It was quite a success :)

Then we were off to Baku, Azerbaijan for a few days. It was dreadfully hot, but it was
great seeing old friends and recent ones.

We stopped off again in Tbilisi, Georgia for two days before going back. There it was
also incredibly hot, but we still had a lovely time because Avto showed us all around.
We also ate wonderfully and even drank chacha with our breakfast. HAH.

Then finally back to Vilnius, Lithuania, where it feels like home.
My parents went back to Hawaii after sometime, so I am getting used to living
on my own (I'm living with my friends, but that is still very different from with parents).
I have two jobs teaching english and with another organisation. At first I wasn't
enjoying myself that much. I didn't have too many people to spend time with.
Now however, things are getting much better. My colleague Vytas makes work
quite a hilarious event, and I'm gaining more friends. The clubs are great on the
weekends. Last night I danced until 4AM without taking any breaks. :)
Also, a couple weeks ago I had some friends from the first camp (Belorussians)
come to visit and that was absolutely fantastic.

So that is all for now, an extremely brief recap of my marvelous summer.
I will try to post more regularly from now on. Even though I won't be travelling
as much. I do have one more camp in Poland coming up and then to the UK for uni!
You'll be hearing about it at all ^_____^

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