georgia and russia.

Tomorrow I leave for Georgia, which
is unfortunately prepared for war with Russia.
I know that they have been in conflict
for quite some time, but tensions really seem
to be heightening at the moment.

I will be in Bakuriani, which you can see is to the left
of Tbilisi. The conflict is further north in Abkhazia and
South Ossetia; as well as basically the whole Russian border.
Hopefully we are a far enough distance from
the trouble areas, but still. If everything were to shut
down and we weren't able to get out, then my would
that be a dreadful situation.

In any case, I am hoping for the best. Admittedly
it is pretty exciting to think that I will be going to a
dangerous place. If anything does in fact happen to
me, I just want to let all my friends and family know
that I love them! I hate to be over dramatic, but it
doesn't really hurt to be.

love love love!

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