25 random things about me

Sorry to let you down, but I'm not actually
going to do the survey. This is thing on
facebook that is annoying so many people
because they're getting tagged so many times.
You know, I really don't mind. I actually quite enjoy
reading them sometimes, provided that the
content is funny and not just like 14. I like travelling.
I think however, I'll save my answers for the next of such
fads, because hopefully the topic will be better :)

Well here's one random fact:
25. I've dyed my hair almost every colour on the spectrum:
yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, green, and black.
yepp, I have actually.
ANYWAY, I bring this up because I'm in the process
of dyeing my hair right now. It's been over a year
since I have, because I suppose I've changed over time.
I realised it over the break when George said to me:
"Why don't you dye your hair any more?
Have you like, grown up or something?"
Hahh, well perhaps I have. Which could also be why
even though I'm dyeing it, it isn't something
oh so radical as i would have done before.
Kekoa even said to me that he remembered
when I had yellow hair, and he said "that's when I first fell in love!"
jokingly of course, but I do admit that it is strange
that I've drifted so far from my previous trademark
of a new colour every week. It's funny how things
change like that, but it's to be expected.

Here's the most vibrant picture I can find:


Anonymous said...

You look waaaaay different! Who's that girl with the silly red highlights next you?

I am actually surprised that you are keeping your blog fairly up to date ZOMG!

kennnnnli said...

ZOMG. I told you I would keep it up to date, so I am!

People used to get me mixed up with the girl on the left all the time. hmph >___<

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? They actually used to get you two mixed up?! I was only joking because it's so obvious which one you are!
You must be friends with some retards or partially-sighted people.

Good job for keeping it up to date but I feel sorry for you because it won't come close to the amazingness that is my blog!

Of course, I'm kidding. You're blog's good - it's so hot - it's like a curry.

P.S. I think I might change my name to Snoop Bloggy Blog.

Monty Dhaliwal said...

orange hair?! like hazard orange or oranje orange.

orange is da bomb

kennnnnli said...

HAZARD orange.
I think only had that properly for one day
because it was a definite mistake.
I wore a hood the whole day at school >__<
Hahah, good stuff though.

Monty Dhaliwal said...

socrates once said:

"orange is never a mistake"