NSS victory party

Well now I have started attending the university of buckingham.
I'm moved in to my room and am having a marvelous time.

Friday night was a party to celebrate the university winning the
National Student Survey for top satisfaction once again.
It was a fun night filled with free champagne, which I didn't
take advantage of, but it was alright. Live music:

The dancing was alright, Jamie did a good set of techno.

Anyway so far I'm enjoying myself at the university, and have
fell into being comfortable quite quickly. It's small and everyone
is quite friendly so you get to meet people without delay.
I am having some problems with my course load in that it isn't
very challenging and I have taken the courses before, but
hopefully that will all get sorted out soon. I hope to also get
a job soon, so that will likely fill up my schedule.

Basically uni life so far has been: ping pong, pizza, and proper drunkenness.
The ping pong room at OTM is basically my second home,
because we spend a ridiculous amount of time up there.
Pizza, because it is always being eaten by someone somewhere
around me. I've eaten it a fair number of times so far.
So far though Minori and I have been doing alright in
cooking for us and our friends. Hopefully we'll become pros soon enough.
Also proper drunkenness because there are parties every night
so far, and alcohol each day since I've gotten here.
They say that Buckingham is so boring that all you can
do is drink. I really hope that I don't turn in to that,
I have had it more than usual so far, but still not so much.

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